Seminole Clerk Grant Maloy Defends ‘Checks and Balances,’ Will Not Cave to County Bureaucrats Power Grab

FOR RELEASE — March 27, 2017 6:00 AM

CONTACT: Seminole County Clerk of the Court and Comptroller Grant Maloy

Ph:  407-665-4335;
Cell 407-928-2397

Seminole Clerk and Comptroller Grant Maloy Will Defend System of ‘Checks and Balances’ and not cave to County Bureaucrats Power Grab


Sanford, FL – A controversial resolution  on  Tuesday’s  Seminole County Commission Consent Agenda (Item A-3229-17) would attempt to eliminate the independent oversight of 470 million dollars of investments of county taxpayers dollars by the County Clerk and Comptroller’s office, as is prescribed by state law.  Instead, the County Commission, and in some cases, the County Chairman acting alone,  would take over this power.

“Getting rid of checks and balances in government is a very  bad idea and would lead to waste, fraud and abuse”, said Clerk and Comptroller Maloy. Maloy believes this action violates state law and the State Constitution.

“For 103 years, the Seminole County Clerk’s office has been in charge of investing taxpayer dollars. Now that I have campaigned on holding the Commission accountable and have taken office, they seem to think they have discovered a new power.  State law is very clear, the County Commission can decide the general portfolio composition, but it is the Clerk’s office who oversees the day to day investments, not the Commissioners. The current system sets up a procedure of checks and balances  and protects the assets of county taxpayers. Their crazy proposal destroys that,” noted Seminole County Clerk and Comptroller Grant Maloy.

Grant Maloy continued: “I work for the citizens of Seminole County,  not the County Commissioners. I will protect the current system of checks and balances and will not cave to this power grab.”

This is an issue of statewide concern. Clerk Maloy received a unanimous vote of support from the Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers Executive Board.

Clerk Maloy has not been contacted by anyone from the Seminole County Commission or the County management  about this resolution and didn’t find out about this version until it was placed on the consent agenda of the Commission meeting.

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