My MAGA Diary: Week #4

This week, Trump suffered 2 setbacks when his Labor Secretary nominee, Andrew Puzder, withdrew from the confirmation process and then Lt. General Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Advisor.

The Puzder takedown was a victory for the unions’ $15 for hamburger flippers movement, but it’s only just a hiccup in Trump’s agenda.  The Flynn resignation was more complex and indicative of two larger problems for Trump. The first problem is that the media’s obsession over fake Russian news stories threatens to slow down Trump’s foreign policy. Another, perhaps even bigger, it seems Obama loyalists in spy agencies are not honoring the transfer of presidential power and have targeted Trump and his team. Flynn was forced to resign because the deep state spied on him and leaked information to the media. Both these problems threaten national security.

On Wednesday morning, Trump decided to try to recover from the negative narrative by holding a press conference in which he spent over an hour attacking the media and setting the record straight. The media, of course, was appalled by this and immediately labeled Trump’s performance as “unhinged.”

Trump also did a campaign-style rally on Saturday in Melbourne, FL and all things considered, I’d say that Trump managed to turn the narrative around and end on a high note.

As far as legislatively, it doesn’t appear that the Republican-led House or Senate are doing much. I hope in the next press conference Trump holds, he calls out the republicans by name who are slowing down the process.


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