My MAGA Diary: Week 3

Well, Trump hit the biggest setback in his presidency to date. Basically, his executive order to pause on travel from 7 states has delayed by the liberal 9th circuit. 

This came as no surprise but reconfirms that judicial reform and the un-stacking of the court is long overdue.

While this won’t help on the current executive order, legislation has been filed to split up the 9th circuit. Here’s a FOX news report on this

Also happening in week 3 is the media continues to convince itself that the anti-Trump protests and riots are just like Tea Party  rise up of 2009. This is just wishful thinking. Jazz Shaw gives a quick overview why this just isn’t so:

On the Senate floor, Marco Rubio gave a speech that was mostly ignored by media but it is worth a listen. After Elizabeth Warren dragged the Senate down with her name calling and divisive rhetoric, Marco was the adult.  WATCH 

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