My #MAGA Diary: Week 2

Week 2 started off with a test of President Trump’s courage in the face of epic media meltdown and massive protests at airports over his executive order banning travel related to seven countries. Not backing down, Trump quickly fired his defiant Attorney General, Sally Yates, an Obama holdover, for insubordination.  While this further enraged the left in the media and Democrat Party, law experts Professor Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz, both liberals, agreed that Trump was right to fire Yates.

Column of the Week:

The most insightful column I read this week was in the Free Beacon. Matthew Continetti writes about the upheaval Trump is causing in the Beltway among the establishment that exists in both parties.


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Book of the Week:

As American culture unravels, going back to founding principles is key to righting the country. Just as principles are crucial to nation building, core beliefs about Jesus are crucial to Church building. In his book, The Creed: Professing the Faith Through the Ages  Scott Hahn discusses the foundational significance of the Nicene Creed in the Early Church when heresies were rampant. In today’s world, there is still a need to fight heresies just as there is a need to fight the revisionist history of the left which distorts founding principles. Here is little plug for the book:

Best TV of the Week:

I got to say Tucker Carlson is doing a great job with his new prime time show. On Thursday, Tucker invited Milo, conservative speaker and entertainer, to discuss how riots broke out among Berkley radical leftists when he went to campus to speak. the latest video at

More on the Latest Leftist Riots:

Here is my new democrat congresswoman, Val Demings, calling the Berkley riots “a beautiful sight.”


A friend of mine rightly points out how fundamentally wrongheaded this is:

“The crime here is the abdication of the proper role of government, which is to protect the rights, PROPERTY RIGHTS, of all Americans. Just as a lamp post is public property, one’s opinion is his own property. Today’s casual American does not understand that.”

Remember when the tea party was attacked for setting fires, smashing windows and firebombing the police?

Most Pathetic Display of Leftism:

At the Trump International Hotel, where I stayed this week, I witnessed barricades to keep would-be vandalizers or worse away from the hotel. Also, there were no less than five cop cars parked around the hotel at all times. I captured the remains of a chalking by anti-trumpers outside the front doors of the hotel. On Inauguration Day, NYC mayor and celebrities staged a protest right outside this Trump International Hotel at Central Park. I think leaders of the left are agitating their base to stir up unrest and violence, in order to intimate people who don’t agree with them.


More #MAGA next week…

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