My #MAGA Diary:Week 1

On the Inauguration Day of President Donald Trump, I attended the Inauguration ceremony at the Capitol and visited an open house hosted by Heritage Foundation. I finished the day enjoying a filet mignon and glass of cabernet with two good conservative friends in a suburb of DC.

Fortunately, I escaped the beltway just hours before the nasty women marched on capitol hill in what looked like a sore loser tantrum.  Activist Mommy tells it like it is when it comes to the so-called women’s march:

The real women arrived at the end of week 1 to march for the ultimate human right, the right to life. And, Vice President Mike Pence addressed the March for Life!  First VP to ever attend! AWESOME!

Best Column:

With the hysterical left in full obstructionist mode, Dennis Prager writes a defining column of our time entitled America’s Second Civil War. President Trump has his work cut out for him if he is to unite this country.

Best Book:

I’m reading Hugh Hewitt’s The Fourth Way, a game plan for Republicans to “go big, go far, go fast”. Hewitt describes his strategy as the “marriage between Paul Ryan republicanism with President Trump’s agenda.” It includes building the wall, specific infrastructure spending, regulatory reform, rebuilding the navy, and the remaking of the judiciary. Hewitt discusses his book on C-span Washington Journal this week.

Part 1

Part 2

Best TV:

Tucker Carlson continues his must-see  interviews of leftists with a take down of an immigration so-called expert who worked for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for 15 years. This really makes me think twice about tithing.


Best Fake News:

Fact check, anyone? Zeke Miller tweets that the bust of civil rights icon Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr has been removed from the oval office. It turned out that Miller was wrong. Time had to eat crow  HERE


Best Trumpian Moment:

The American worker knows President Trump truly cares about him:


Worst Democrat Moment:

Chuck Schumer who didn’t cry when Obama blocked Iraqis from entering the US for six months, is now shedding tears over Trump’s temporary travel ban on people originating from 7 countries where terrorism is rampant. Oh, spare me the drama! HERE



All in all, it’s a great first week. Trump is working round the clock to secure the nation and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit. This may be a great 100 days! However, the media are too hysterical to actually report any real news.


I am looking forward to week 2 when Trump is expected to announce the next supreme court justice.



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