Newly Re-Elected Democrat Scott Randolph Slut Shames Melania Trump

WOW, Democrat Tax Collector Randolph may have won his race but he didn’t take the presidential election results very well. On election night, Randolph lodged an ugly, misogynistic attack via Twitter (with a cross post at Facebook) on the future First Lady, Mrs. Trump.


Former democrat activist, Holly Fussell, who worked closely with Randolph’s wife sharply admonished Randolph for his sexist attack.


Fussell and the Randolphs had a very public falling out in August over alleged work place sexual harassment which resulted in a rape claim. READ HERE

This isn’t the first time Randolph has verbally attacked the wife of a republican presidential nominee. He bashed Mrs. Romney for being a stay at home mom. READ HERE

Republican women are not the only targets for Randolph’s rage. Several years ago as a state representative, Randolph verbally threatened fellow democrat Daphne Campbell on the floor of the state house. Witnesses say he actually grabbed her papers and pen from her hands and threw them. All this because she voted for a pro-life bill. READ HERE

Unfortunately, the Orlando Sentinel largely ignores Randolph’s serial belittlement of women. Many residents of the Orlando area suspect this is because Randolph is a powerful democrat.

NOTE: Scott Randolph quietly deleted his tweet and post at Facebook with no public apology sometime on Wednesday, November 9th but not before I took these screenshots.


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