Social justice warriors in Orlando push myth of police brutality by racist cops

By Tom Tillison

Hard-left social justice warriors who dominate today’s Democratic Party continue to push a false narrative of an “epidemic” of police officers killing black men.

Ida Eskamani, a local activist with the gay rights advocacy group Equality Florida and a member of the board of directors for ACORN Florida successor Organize Now, perpetuated that myth with this post on Twitter:


But is what Eskamani suggesting actually true or is America being played for political gain?

When you delve into the stats on police shootings, the first thing you learn is there is no national database that accurately collects data and the numbers produced by the FBI are summarily dismissed by most on the left.

What is clear is that the numbers are down significantly over the past few decades. The Huffington Post, a decidedly liberal outfit, reported that police killings of civilians in New York City averaged 71 dead from 1970 to 1972, compared to an average of 11 from 2011 to 2013.

“The despair is there; now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.” ~ Saul Alinsky

Numbers further supported by an interesting study done by the NYPD that give us a glimpse of a reality you are all but certain NOT to see in the media:

The Annual Firearms Discharge Report was commissioned in 2013 under former Police Commissioner William Bratton.

“In 2013, the New York City Police Department saw the smallest number of firearms discharges since the recording of police shootings in the City began. Furthermore, the most serious category of discharges (shootings involving adversarial conflict with a subject) has also seen a steep decline, down 34 percent since 2003,” the study concluded.


Intentional Discharge-Adversarial Conflict

The next image reflects a breakdown by race of ID-AC Subjects — suspects involved in a shooting incident — in comparison to the race of criminal shooting suspects:


But the most telling graphic of the entire report may be reflected in a breakdown by race of incidents involving gunfire in New York City from 2009-20013. Pay close attention to the stats on gun arrests and known shooting suspects.



In summary, there is an epidemic in America that the left wants to distract from with its “racist police” dog whistle, and that is the complete breakdown of the family structure in the black community as a result of decades of destructive liberal policy. A breakdown that has given rise to a thug culture among the youth, turning many urban communities into the Wild West.

…with police right in the middle of the crossfire trying to maintain law and order.

One thought on “Social justice warriors in Orlando push myth of police brutality by racist cops

  1. Hey smart guy….go lookup police murders by city. Your city is in the top 3. Local activists like Ida know the deal because they are talking to ppl and not behind a keyboard.

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