Susannah Randolph bails on candidate forum as fervor builds over rape allegations

By Tom Tillison

On the same day Florida RattleTale ran with a story calling attention to remarkable allegations from a then-staffer for U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson that high-profile Central Florida congressional candidate Susannah Randolph ignored charges of sexual harassment that resulted in a rape, the Democrat skipped out on a candidate forum.

The Tiger Bay Club of Central Florida was holding a candidate forum for Florida District 9 congressional candidates and the Randolph campaign called with a late notice of cancellation, club president Eddie Fernandez told the crowd.

Her empty seat can be seen in the far-left of the photo below:


The reasoning behind Randolph’s absence is not clear, however, it did not prevent the controversial charges leveled against her from surfacing.

Florida Politics’ Scott Powers, the forum’s moderator, addressed the issue as seen in the video below, asking the other candidates whether these reported are fair news:


3 thoughts on “Susannah Randolph bails on candidate forum as fervor builds over rape allegations

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