Honesty in politics … a lost art in Orange County Judge Group 1 race

By Tom Tillison

When it comes to winning elections, low-ball politics often rule the day and nowhere is that more apparent than in Florida. As the old saying goes, folks go negative because it works.

And while I won’t indulge any deeper into the human psychosis to explain why, I will share a casual observation I made this week involving Gregory Fournier.

Perhaps best known for working on U.S. Rep. John Mica’s campaign, Fournier is a low level political operative who frequently uses social media to go to bat for clients by attacking their opponents.

Which brings us to the Orange County Judge Group 1 race that features Eric Dubois, Roger Scott and Michael Gibson.

With early voting now upon us, I noticed a concerted effort on Fournier’s part this week to go after Dubois’ integrity by questioning the candidate’s family makeup and to ask Gibson if he entered the race “to shore up a Dubois victory?”

In conclusion, Fournier ironically stated, “We demand the truth.”

Keep in mind, it was only through Mark Zuckerberg’s secret formula that this “hit piece” found itself on my Facebook feed. I do not know Dubois personally — although I seem to recall meeting him once — nor am I doing this on his behalf.

As for the truth, I remember seeing somewhere that Fournier worked for Roger Scott’s campaign, so I chimed in to ask him and his response was to reply, “Does it matter?”

Having dealt with Fournier in the past, I’m aware of his tendency to go after a candidate without disclosing that he is being paid by an opponent. And while, in this case, he was reluctant to say he was, at least Fournier didn’t deny it… or did he?

I present Exhibit A, dated July 14, which shows Fournier being asked if he is working for the Scott campaign as a consultant and he clearly states that he is not:


Now I present Exhibit B, an detailed expense report from the Scott campaign from the Orange County Supervisor of Elections that shows Fournier being paid a “consulting fee” on May 6, in addition to being compensated for printing and videography services.


Exhibit C shows a more recent payment, dated August 2, to Fournier’s company.


All of which leads to a couple of thoughts. First, why is dishonesty so readily accepted in the political realm, are we not capable of setting a higher standard for ourselves?

Secondly, when deciding on who to support in this race, can you really trust a candidate who condones underhanded, dishonest tactics on his behalf? Especially in a judicial race?


One thought on “Honesty in politics … a lost art in Orange County Judge Group 1 race

  1. You should get your fax straight once again. While I did at the onset work for Scott. I resigned as his consultant based on the double standard applied to the candidates. While I supplied collateral as the campaign reports show, it was not consulting fees. Suggest you correct your writing. Supplying consulting and supplying product are 2 different things. But nice try.

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