Marco Rubio: Never Trump’s VP

I always said Marco had good instincts:

Marco Rubio on Monday unequivocally ruled out being Donald Trump’s running mate, insisting that he never sought, won’t seek and doesn’t want to be considered for Trump’s veep slot.

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Marco Rubio made the following class act remarks at the Hudson Institute today in DC:

“My policy differences and reservations about Donald’s campaign are well-established. I’ve said them often. And I stand by those. Those remain. I hope they’ll be addressed, but those remain. That said, I don’t view myself as a guy who is going to sit here for the next six months taking shots at him. People know where I stand, they know how I feel. They know what our differences are. He’s the nominee of the Republican Party, or the presumptive nominee via the voters. I respect that and accept it. But that’s not going to change the reservations I have about his campaign or about some of the policies that he’s established. But I’m not insisting he change anything. He needs to be true to whoever he is. If that’s the things he believes in, then he’ll have a chance to make that argument to the American people. I’m going to focus on making the arguments I think are important for the county and right for our future and looking forward to supporting candidates around the country, especially for federal office, that share those views.”

(h/t The Buzz)


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