Val Demings reports for duty at union-led ‘Fight for $15’ protest … but she didn’t see anything!

By Tom Tillion

From the ‘What The Media Won’t Tell You’ file…

Former Orlando police chief Val Demings, a candidate in Florida’s 10th Congressional District, showed up Thursday evening at a union activist-led protest feigning as a “fast food strike” that shut down Orlando’s busiest tourism corridor during rush hour.

Not that she saw International Drive being shut down, just ask her.

For what it’s worth, Demings was the only candidate from CD 10 seen yesterday… and she has not had the greatest of relationships with the ACORN organizers at Organize Now, who were running the show.

Was this an ill-advised attempt to curry favor?


Also noteworthy was a blond woman wearing a pink dress accompanying Demings — new campaign communications director Caroline Rowland? — who was seen carrying a union protest sign while marching along with the activists posing as fast food workers.


The same woman is seen here leaving with Demings, once the glad handing was over with.


As for Orlando’s busiest tourism corridor being shut down by union activists and their social justice warrior allies, Demings saw nothing. Nothing, I tell you!

Nonetheless, deputies who work for her husband, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings, had their hands full keeping things under control.


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