League of Women Voters is Leftist Group says Former Member

For far too long, I’ve seen leftwing journalists quote the League of Women Voters, as if it’s a nonpartisan oracle spouting nothing but wisdom of good governance, absent any party ideology.

Truth be told, the League took a sharp left turn many years back.

Nancy Smith, a former member, explains how today’s League came to operate like a leftwing Democrat Party front group and why it should drop its nonpartisan pretense.

These Lefties Aren’t Your Grandmother’s League of Women Voters

Need more proof of the League of Women Voters' liberal leanings? Have a look, as I just did, at the Florida chapter's "2016 Session: Capitol Report Wrap-up."

It's a ringing condemnation of virtually every conservative principle or issue that arose during the legislative session just ended.

I wrote about the League's laughable claims of nonpartisanship and independence two years ago. But since the LWVF redistricting "team" won in court, replacing gerrymandered Republican seats with gerrymandered Democratic seats (apparently two wrongs make a right), it's grown really creepy out there. LWVF leaders strut the Capitol's corridors so far out of the closet with their liberal agenda, they don't care who notices. You have to see it to believe it.

- See more at: http://www.sunshinestatenews.com/story/these-lefties-arent-your-grandmothers-league-women-voters#sthash.H8MyCsMK.X1gP5hSz.dpuf




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