‘Fight for $15’ activists seize control of Orlando streets

By Tom Tillison

Union activists and their hard-left social justice warrior allies turned out in force in Orange County on Thursday to feign a “strike” by so called “fast food workers” — a sham all too readily lapped up by a sympathetic media.

Led by the Service Employees International Union, the protesters shut down one of Orlando’s busiest corridors — I-Drive, which is in the heart of the tourist district and already a pedestrian nightmare. While apologists will say organizers “coordinated” with police, this was in every sense breaking the law.

If you think not, show up at a major thoroughfare and tell a police officer you intend to shut it down by marching in the middle of the street and see how that works out for you.

Accommodating the left only further emboldens them, but it seems law enforcement — and corporate America — have yet to figure this out.


Ironically, the SEIU organizer turned to the very police the hard left regularly denounce as abusive bullies when asked a question she can’t answer. But make no mistake, this is by design… the young, attractive female in a tight dress cultivating a relationship with law enforcement on the ground — notice she calls the officer by name in the video — as well as with the media.

Even more ironic, the person orchestrating a protest that is shutting down one of Orlando’s busiest corridors during rush hour — likely an SEIU organizer — cried harassment when a citizen videotaped her … AFTER a union goon stepped in to  physically intimate the citizen!

Another SEIU organizer, Ashley Renner, was helping coordinate events on the ground… it seems pretty, light skinned college educated females are the bosses, while people of color are the dutiful sign wavers.


Please don’t break the law… guess the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept. will just have to wait until the union activists are good and ready to vacate the street.

It didn’t help matters, as noted by one deputy, that Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings’ wife, Val, a candidate in Florida’s 10th Congressional District, was on hand consorting with the protesters.


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