#Fightfor15 “shuts down” Orlando McDonald’s

In a video posted on Twitter, a Marxist mob appears to be INSIDE an Orlando McDonald’s, shutting it down.

While protests at fast food restaurants have become common place, it’s worrisome that this mob is clearly able to trespass and disrupt a private business owner’s property. The people can be seen banging a drum, dancing and jumping on chairs while chanting “shut it down.” It is unclear what the customers and employees are doing while this happens. Also, it looks like no law enforcement is present to control the mob.

The place for this type of protest is the public sidewalk, not inside the restaurant. I’m not sure why this was allowed to happen.

The Twitter account that posted this video identifies as a “Development officer” at EqualityFL, which is an organization that advocates for various types of sexualists and multi-genderists.

#Fightfor15 is a nationwide campaign hosted by paid Union agitators in an attempt to expand membership to fastfood workers and thus line the pockets of union bosses with the dues from forced membership.

To better understand the economics of the minimum wage, watch this video:


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