Young Catholic Activists find “Wage Disparity” in Catholic Community

avemariaAve Maria (FL), a cold community full of wage disparity?!??!!!

So says a Catholic-sponsored youth group from the Catholic Diocese of Orlando

A youth group from Hope CommUnity Center, affiliated with theFarmworker Ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Orlando, spent Holy Week “immersed” in the lives of farmworkers in Immokalee, FL. Afterward according to youth group’s blog, they visited  Ave Maria, a Catholic community near Immokalee, where they noted “wage disparity” with Immokalee and a community that gave them no “warm sense.”

This is from their blog at Hope CommUnity Center:

“After visiting RCMA, they traveled to Ave Maria, an affluent planned Catholic community located just outside of Immokalee. The Sin Fronteras became cognizant of the wage disparity between Ave Maria and Immokalee. They felt a warm sense of community in Immokalee that they didn’t feel in Ave Maria.”

If they wish to not see disparity (nor, a wall), let’s hope they don’t visit Pope Francis at Vatican City!

The religious sisters who founded Hope CommUnity Center in 1971 are known to advocate against capitalism and national borders. They are reported to be members of Call to Action, a leftist organization of Catholic dissenters. I’d say they are doing a great job raising up a new generation of marxists! I’m not sure about spiritual growth…


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