A bruise is a bruise is a bruise … and the smell reeks

By Tom Tillison

“I wasn’t going to show pictures of my bruises or anything until he came out and basically called me a liar.”


The above quote is from Michelle Fields, a reporter for Donald Trump-friendly Breitbart News, who was physically manhandled Tuesday night by Trump’s campaign manager, according to a Washington Post reporter who witnessed the incident.

Again, Fields is a reporter.

…and the bruises she mentioned are substantial, as seen here:

In her own words, which Fields did not share until TWO DAYS later — AFTER the Wa/Po reporter who saw the alleged assault, Ben Terris, wrote about it and the story began picking up steam:

“I wasn’t called upon to ask a question during the televised press conference, but afterwards Trump wandered around, stopping at every reporter to take their questions. When he approached me, I asked him about his view on an aspect of affirmative action. 

“Trump acknowledged the question, but before he could answer I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken. 

“The Washington Post’s Ben Terris immediately remarked that it was Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who aggressively tried to pull me to the ground.”

Yet, Fields freely acknowledged on Thursday during an interview with ABC News that she was not going to show her injuries, which were allegedly caused by Corey Lewandowski, the man who heads up Trump’s presidential campaign, until the candidate questioned her honesty.

“I wasn’t going to show pictures of my bruises or anything until he came out and basically called me a liar,” she said.

Only then, TWO DAYS LATER, did she post the above photo on Twitter.

Think about that for a moment.

Why on earth would Fields feel compelled NOT to show the photo right away… for that matter, why on earth did she not file charges after being assaulted?

*Update – According to a statement from the Jupiter Police Department, released on Friday, March 11, Fields has now filed a criminal complaint against Lewandowski, alleging misdemeanor battery.

Adding to the conundrum is that The Daily Beast reported “sources said Lewandowski acknowledged to Breitbart’s Washington political editor, Matthew Boyle, that he did manhandle Fields.”

For what it’s worth, Lewandowski has publicly denied the incident ever happened.

Fair enough, the charge that he admitted to grabbing Fields can be settled in a matter of seconds, as Breitbart propagandist Boyle is not known for being timid… but he remains as quiet as a church mouse.

Again, why?

Something reeks at Breitbart News and the putrid smell should offend every fair-minded American who cares about honesty and journalistic integrity.


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