A day in the life of a Rubio-bashing Breitbart attack dog

In a follow up to Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio calling out Breitbart News for not being a credible source, we decided to  stalk a key Rubio antagonist at the website — Matthew Boyle — for a day.

Relax, we’re talking online.

A prolific “tweeter” — rumor has it Twitter can be a sufficient distraction for those who’ve yet to experience the touch of  a woman — it would be a real task to document all of Boyle’s activity. Besides, it would bore you to tears. To point, in little more than an 8-hour period, Rubio’s name is mentioned on Boyle’s Twitter feed dozens of times.

Instead, we offer a snap shot of his Rubio-bashing, pro-Trump activities on Monday, February 22, two days after a surging Rubio finished a strong second in the South Carolina GOP primary.

Boyle’s first action of the day was to ‘re-tweet’ a blatant attack on Rubio from Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large John Nolte:

After ‘re-tweeting’ three addition barbs directed at Rubio from Nolte, our hero shifted his focus to give lift to Donald Trump’s latest offerings, to include a threat the GOP front-runner directed at the owners of the Chicago Cubs and a post calling rival Ted Cruz “a world class LIAR.”

Approaching 10:30 a.m., Boyle linked to a tweet to take a pot shot at the growing number of endorsement raining down on Rubio early Monday:

Now warmed up and ready to post an original thought he… defers and instead links to a Breitbart News story that questions Rubio’s eligibility. Following a familiar pattern at the website, the birther issue is featured by pointing to the actions of another. In this case, Trump:

After ‘re-tweeting’ another post about Rubio’s eligibility, Boyle offers a pro-Trump tweet:

Boyle then ‘re-tweets’ several anti-Rubio posts from fading bomb thrower Ann Coulter, who seems to share his birther obsession:

After a few tweets about Ted Cruz, Boyle comes to life over Bob Dole endorsing Rubio. He posted several quick comments on this development, which he likened to Dole’s infamous Viagra commercial, even linking to a Rachel Maddow video ridiculing Dole to drive home his point:

And on and on it goes.

Boyle got sidetracked by the news that Cruz asked for the resignation of campaign spokesman Rick Tyler — fittingly, he calls Tyler “a good friend” —  over his involvement in spreading a false report that Rubio made an insulting comment about the Bible. While he actually complimented Team Marco for their handling of the incident, he is nonetheless overcome by a case of the sads.

But he’s far from finished with attacking Rubio, it just past 5 p.m. and the night is young. After all but admitting his obsession with the candidate, the Breitbart writer pointed to what looks to be a reliable ally in Drudge to get another a shot in:

His activities slow at this point, so we’ll mercifully stop here, although you can be sure he won’t. Keep in mind this is just one day among hundreds … and the attacks on Rubio are relentless. And while Boyle is the author of countless Rubio-bashing articles on the Breitbart website, the real attack dog there is writer Julia Hahn, who gives Bahgdad Bob a run for his money when it comes to twisting the truth.

As for the few good folks that remain at the website, I offer this: “Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”


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