ACORN 2.0: Sentinel gives voice to new GOTV effort for the left

By Tom Tillison

When it comes to the institutional left, the taxpayer-backed wolf is always at the door.

A “My Word” column published Friday by the Orlando Sentinel continues what has become a troubling tradition at the newspaper of giving voice to left-leaning professional activists in this town.

Co-authored by Jaime Estades and Denise Diaz, the piece announces the formation of a Central Florida chapter of the Latino Leadership Institute, the group’s “first foray outside New York.”

Estades is chairman of the not for profit 501(c)3 that seeks “to encourage more political and civic involvement.”

In a nutshell, pun intended, this is ACORN 2.0 … just another NY-based “civic organization” driving voter turnout for the Democratic Party.

Diaz is the director of AFL-CIO proxy group Central Florida Jobs with Justice, a local chapter of Washington-based Jobs with Justice. Diaz works hand in hand with ACORN Florida successor Organize Now on any number of local progressive initiatives — Organize Now state director Stephanie Porta serves as a trustee of CFJwJ.

For the Sentinel to omit this is beyond egregious.

Adding insult to injury, the column touts that the Latino Leadership Institute will work with faculty from the University of Central Florida “to help organize local Latino voters to participate in elections and broader civic affair.”

In effect, faculty from a public university will be working alongside hard-left activists to help elect Hillary Clinton.

The Latino Leadership Institute claims to be “non-partisan,” though the former chair of the Orange County Democrats, Amy Mercado, was named as the new Orlando director, according to Florida Politics.

Even if we look past that indiscretion, the involvement of Diaz, who is named in the column as the “Central Florida director,” effectively renders the non-partisan claim to be little more than poppycock.

And Estades and Diaz come close to acknowledging this in what amounts to a direct affront to the Republican presidential candidates.

“While the institute is nonpartisan, it has heard the viciously anti-Latino rhetoric from presidential candidates that, while seemingly targeted at documented and undocumented Mexican immigrants, resonates across Latino populations,” the pair wrote.

In the end, it’s not by accident that the NY-based Latino Leadership Institute selected Central Florida and its growing Hispanic population as the location for it’s first chapter. It is common knowledge that as the I-4 corridor goes, so goes Florida in presidential elections — and more often than not, as Florida goes, so goes the nation.

And Florida residents can now take solace in the idea that they may be helping fund the hard-left’s effort to carry Florida for the Democratic nominee.


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