How did Fla. reps vote on $1.1 trillion omnibus bill before skipping town

By Tom Tillison

In a now-familiar refrain, loyalists in the Republican-led House joined ranks Friday morning with Democrats to pass the massive $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill before skipping town for their long Christmas vacation — there’s no truth to the rumor that they flipped America the middle finger on their way out of town.

The final tally was 316-113, with 150 centrist Republicans joining with 166 Democrats to pass the legislation.


“Washington’s leadership has created another massive spending bill in secret and rammed it through Congress, hoping that the American people don’t notice or have become numb to this kind of business as usual,” Sen. Marco Rubio said in a statement. “This is what a broken Washington looks like under President Obama and what Congress reverts to without conservative presidential leadership.”

How did they vote?

Locally, Republican Rep. John Mica and his Democratic counterpart Rep. Alan Grayson supported the bill, while the more principled GOP Reps. Dan Webster and Ron DeSantis opposed it. Rep. David Jolly, who is challenging DeSantis in the Senate primary, voted in favor of the bill.

The 2,242 page bill, which funds Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities, and earmarks $1.6 billion to resettle illegal immigrants, was first released at 1:34 a.m. Wednesday and voted on Friday morning.

“It is impossible for any member to have read the bill, much less understand it, in such a short amount of time,” DeSantis said on Facebook. “Yet, the omnibus spends a whopping $1.1 trillion and contains a number of controversial policies buried deep inside its 2,009 pages.”

Republican Congressman Bill Posey released a statement condemning the bill.

“With our national debt about to reach $19 trillion, it is past time for Washington to get serious about fixing our broken budget process,” Posey said. “Despite the steady funding levels for our space program, the omnibus bill continues the irresponsible trend of rushing to pass another ‘too big to read’ spending bill at the eleventh hour. This must change.”

(And the party can’t seem to grasp why Republicans by the droves are aligning with a carnival barker.)

Here’s a quick scan of social media to see what folks are saying about the vote … a vote that brings back ugly memories of the then-Democrat led Senate shoving Obamacare down America’s throat on Christmas Eve in 2009:


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