Lawlessness of local ‘Fight for $15’ union activists on display

By Tom Tillison

Local community organizers at Organize Now, the de facto successor to ACORN Florida, led protests Tuesday in Orange County on behalf of the Service Employees International Union in support of the “Fight for $15” effort to raise the federal minimum wage.

SEIU spent “a staggering $23 million to fund the ‘Fight for $15’ campaign last year, on top of the $17 million in 2013,” the Washington Policy Center reported earlier this year.

Among the reasons the union is so invested, according to WPC:

“One reason labor unions are pushing for a higher minimum wage is because many have negotiated collective bargaining agreements indexed to minimum wage hikes. … Another reason organized labor has made a $15 minimum wage such a priority is because they want to increase their membership rosters.”

Right on cue, Organize Now tweeted about “union rights” Tuesday morning:

Organize Now also boasted on Twitter about shutting down a McDonald’s drive-thru on Semoran Blvd:

In fact, they were so proud of their accomplishment, they posted a video:

Is this legal activity? Does the federal Hobbs Act factor in for interfering with commerce?

What are the odds that the local media will report on the potentially lawlessness of the union activists?

Based on an Orlando Sentinel article posted the day before the protest which all but served as a call to arms, the local newspaper will probably not bat an eye.

The shameful journalism included this gem from Sentinel reporter Kate Santich, who eagerly shared the details of Tuesday’s events: “Anyway, if you’re not working two full-time minimum-wage jobs trying to feed your kids, you might join.”

The “reporter” noted that former ACORN activist Susannah Randolph, who is now running for Congress in CD9, will be joining in … but Santich failed to mention that Randolph was seen on video recently chanting to shut down local businesses that didn’t conform to the union demand of $15 an hour.

True to form, activists did just that Tuesday.

And Randolph was on hand … being interviewed by Fox 35. No word on whether she assisted, apparently residents are not entitled to such in-depth reporting:


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