Does Randolph condone shutting down Orange County businesses who don’t support $15 min wage?

By Tom Tillison

It’s got to be real frustrating to be a business owner in Orange County.

On Monday, community organizers from Organize Now, acting as a proxy for Service Employees International Union, held a rally at Sedano’s Supermarket in southeast Orlando in support of a state bill that looks to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Organize Now is the de facto successor to now-defunct ACORN Florida, and there is nothing remarkable about the hard-left organization pursuing policies that are harmful to local businesses. Does mandatory paid sick leave ring a bell?

But what was rather remarkable is what the pro-union activists were chanting at the event. Video here.

“What do we want? $15! … When do we want it? Now! … If we don’t get it? Shut it down!”


Considering the success of the hate group Black Lives Matter, it looks as if civil disobedience is now all the rage.

Keep in mind a number of local media outlets were on hand at the time.

None of them batted an eye at the implied threat to local businesses… coming from the fraternity that tagged grandmothers sitting in lawn chairs radicals and extremists.

How refreshing it would have been to see them ask Democratic congressional candidate Susannah Randolph — a former ACORN community organizer well schooled in staging events of this nature — if she condones the act of “shutting down” local businesses that don’t cave to union demands.

Which would seem to be a fair question considering Randolph was chanting along with the activists.

But the local media had no such curiosity. Not of Randolph, or Carlos Guillermo Smith, a candidate for Florida House District 49 who also joined in the chant, or a number of other local Democratic elected officials who were on hand.

Including Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph, who found time during a work day to support the pro-union event.

His presence only adds to the frustrations of local business owners, as they see the man they must pay millions of dollars actively advocating against their best interests.

Meanwhile, local residents are left wondering how the hell did Orange County stray so far left.


2 thoughts on “Does Randolph condone shutting down Orange County businesses who don’t support $15 min wage?

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