With Republicans like Martha Haynie, who needs Democrats


By Tom Tillison

With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats.

Not that it comes as any real surprise to anyone paying attention, but the progressive left’s favorite Republican, Orange County Comptroller Martha Haynie, has declared her support for Susannah Randolph in the Democratic primary race to replace U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, who is running for Senate.

“Susannah is in this race for the things that we both believe in,” Haynie said in a press release.

Randolph previously worked for Grayson, and it’s no stretch to say she mimics the bombastic congressman’s extreme progressive views on just about every issue.

She is a hard-left former ACORN community organizer who has dedicated her professional life working to undermine capitalism and advance “social justice” through the workings of big government. By her own admission, she played a pivotal role in trying to advance government mandated paid sick leave in Orange County — a guaranteed job killer that hurts small businesses.

“Our values click,” Haynie said of Randolph, according to the Orlando Sentinel.


As for their shared values, the two “worked closely together at Planned Parenthood,” according to the Sentinel. Haynie was board chair of Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, and is currently listed on the organization’s website as vice chair of the restructured Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida.

(Odds are, Haynie will be on hand at Saturday evening’s fundraising “gala” in Orlando — Randolph is on the host committee — where the Planned Parenthood chapter has a “fabulous evening” planned to celebrate what they describe as “an extraordinary year!” A few undercover videos notwithstanding.)


Democrats in this town applaud Haynie for being “proudly independent.”

Orlando Sentinel gossip columnist Scott Maxwell was quick to sing her praises. The left-of-center scribe has been an effective cheerleader for many of the causes embraced by ACORN Florida successor Organize Now — Maxwell has very capably filled the void left at the Sentinel when beat reporter David Damron left the newspaper to go work for Grayson, the group’s patriarch.

“Comptroller Martha Haynie an example of politics done right,” Maxwell proclaims.

In Maxwell’s eyes, politics “done right” is when Republicans move left, caving on the party’s more critical values –beginning with the right to life.

But don’t take my word for it, take a look at the Republican Party platform.

That she chose to endorse her far-left pal Randolph is likely a result of Haynie leaving public office when her term ends in 2017 — which equates to no more accountability to Orange County voters. And no need to put up a facade any longer.

With redistricting still up in the air, the field in CD9 is far from set. 

The only Republican to file is St.Cloud businessman Wayne Liebnitzky, who has made few waves since getting in. State Rep. Mike La Rosa and Kissimmee Vice-Mayor Wanda Rentas have both expressed interest in possibly running for the seat.

La Rosa and Rentas are solid choices any Republican would be proud to back… particularly when the alternative is a progressive left community organizer.

It’s all but certain I’ll be dismissed as an extremist clinging to unrealistic ideological requirements because I draw attention to the fact that Haynie has thrown in with a candidate who is an unequivocal threat to every value the Republican Party claims to represent.

Many Republicans will continue to stand by Haynie.

And in the end, that’s what this is all about — what local Republicans decide to do, or not do.

For those who believe the GOP has lost its way and stands for little more than trying to win elections, wait until you hear the deafening silence in this town from Republican leadership over this endorsement.


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