Grayson Planned Parenthood fundraising email shows how two-faced a politician can be

By Tom Tillison

With no prompting whatsoever, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson took cause Thursday to show how two-faced a politician can be.

Grayson sent out one of his infamous fundraising emails — see ‘Burning Cross’ — looking to raise coin off recent efforts of pro-life supporters, who he described in the email as “rabid right-winger haters.”

He was referring to wives, daughters and yes, even a priest, who turned out Tuesday at U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson’s Orlando office, with many later relocating to Grayson’s office, to call on the Democratic lawmakers to stop accepting campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood and to put a stop to government funding of the organization — Planned Parenthood took in $528.4 million in federal funding in FY 2014.


Protesters marching Tuesday in front of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson’s Orlando office.

The #WomenBetrayed rally was in response to top executives from the nation’s largest abortion provider being caught on video negotiating the sale of human tissue from aborted babies.

“You wouldn’t believe the bitter, vicious vitriol spewing out of these so-called ‘defenders of life,'” Grayson said in the email, before listing some of the G-rated chants participants were repeating.

Here’s a few samples:

1) “Pro-choice,” that’s a lie! Babies never choose to die!

2) Alan Grayson doesn’t care! Baby bodies everywhere!

3) PP, what do you say? How many hearts have you stopped today?

Grayson told potential donors “these rabid right-winger haters set their sights on defunding Planned Parenthood,” which he claimed “is saving lives, not ending them.”

But perhaps Grayson, who is locked in a tight Senate primary race with U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, forgot that his congressional office released a statement to the press following Tuesday’s protest.

Geared for more widespread dispersal, the statement to the press took on a more senatorial tone, as opposed to the zealotry on display in an email designed to separate low information supporters from their cash.

Instead of calling Tuesday’s protesters “rabid right-winger haters,” he respectful referred to them as “constituents.”

“I’m always glad to hear from constituents on key issues, even when I disagree with them,” Grayson said. “Today’s protest outside my office will not change my strong support for Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to choose.”

As for the right to choose, Grayson may want to keep in mind that discerning voters also have a choice when casting a ballot, and hypocrites may not fare all that well in the process.


One thought on “Grayson Planned Parenthood fundraising email shows how two-faced a politician can be

  1. Please also help get the word out about the Democrat congressional candidate seeking to replace Alan Grayson. Candidate Susannah Randolph, formerly the political director for ACORN’s Florida chapter, responded to questions about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts by saying, “we don’t also want to throw the baby out with the bath water.” Listen yourself to her interview with Brighthouse News:

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