A conservative’s answer to ’28 Reasons I’m DONE Talking…’

By Jeffrey Payne

So here’re my Conservative replies to the Liberal Ms. Willis’ “28 Reasons I’m DONE talking …”:

1. You meekly submit to Government’s version of history. Because politicians would never write history to make Government (i.e. themselves) look good.

2. You ignore Jesus’s definition of marriage. He didn’t say “A man or woman shall leave his/her mother & father, or fathers, or mothers, & shall be joined to her/his spouse or spouses, they 2 or more shall become one or a group.” You aren’t equalizing marriage; you’re erasing it.

3. You use Government to excuse yourselves from feeding the hungry. Conservatives do more charity than Liberals. Facts are stubborn things. http://www.ijreview.com/…/276715-difference-liberals…/

4. You let Government take over freedom of religion. From a child praying in school, to a baker who feels that catering a “gay” wedding is sinful, we refuse to let politicians tell people to deny their faith & follow Government.

5. You substitute the voice of Government for the voice of God. Liberals’ false prophets are people like Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin & Mao Tse Tung, who’ve killed 10’s of millions trying to substitute Government for society.

6. We don’t question your faith. We just reject your insistence on making your faith Government policy.

7. You value sex more than children & Government control more than people’s lives. 56 million American babies snuffed out since 1973, mostly for convenience. Millions of victims of violent crime, made defenseless by Government longing to have a defenseless society.

8. You get excited about people dying. Babies (56 million, see no. 7); senior citizens (“death with dignity”); defenseless victims of crime (also see no. 7).

9. You assume that everyone on Government dependency programs are innocent victims of a free society. But if people in general are that bad & greedy, what make you think that people in Government are not bad & greedy?

10. You aren’t concerned about people’s medical care. If you did care, you wouldn’t have put everybody’s health insurance under Government control, administered by the IRS.

11. You don’t believe people are created by God. You look at a newborn baby & all you see is a rather cute sort of chemical accident. So you’ve got no reason to treat us equally. And you don’t. You shove people into pigeonholes of political “correctness” judging us by our skin, our heritage, our incomes, our sex.

12. You don’t learn. Many people are Liberal in their youth. Most grow up; you don’t. In a sort of political Peter Pan syndrome, you refuse to mature.

13. You don’t want the votes of people you disagree with to count. You dilute the votes of citizens with the ballots of the unidentified, stealing those voters’ rights as surely as if you pried open the ballot box, stole their ballots & burned them.

14. You categorize your friends — & everybody else — by whether they’re black, or Mexican, or whatever. Race is a lie, invented by oppressors to divide & conquer us.

15. You welcome Mexican illegals, hire them to your dirty work, create a minimum wage, & then pretend to be baffled by invincibly high unemployment among poor youth.

16. You import illegal immigrants for the same reason your favorite political Party used to import slaves. To exploit them for cheap labor. And then to use them to subvert elections (see no. 13)

17. You are bullies. 56 million babies were inconvenient, so you killed them. You forced a grandmother out of business because she didn’t want to bake a cake. You put health insurance under the IRS, then exempt yourselves from the rules.

18. You hate America. You seek to “fundamentally transform” America, because you see us as fundamentally flawed. You don’t care if war, death & destruction comes to America; you think we deserve it.

19. You dodge the draft, & burn your draft cards, & burn the American flag & believe that military service is just for people who can’t get a better job.

20. You treat the Constitution as a dead letter. It means whatever your 9-Headed Pope, the Supreme Court, happens to think it means at the moment. From the Dredd Scott decision blessing slavery, to the Obergefell decision erasing marriage, anything you want is what the Constitution mandates.

21. It’s impossible for you to see success that isn’t a gift of Government. To you, hard work, education, risk-taking are just lies made up by the exploiter class to justify their exploitation. Yet you are totally blind to the exploitation by the political class.

22. You don’t care about children. All you think they need is a Government bureaucracy. Having a mother (or 2) is OK; a father is optional (& usually a bad option). That’s why you made divorce so easy & were so eager to have Government redefine marriage.

23. You’re greedy & miserable. You spend more time bemoaning that your not allowed to take more from other people that you do figuring out how to share what you’ve already got.

24. You think your religion is the only one. You judge everyone who doesn’t blindly worship Government as much as you do as ignorant & backwards. You believe we’re all on this earth being as greedy as we can, making the worst decisions possible, & only the strong arm of Government can save us from ourselves. You never, ever ask, “Who will save us from Government?”

25. You are lazy & refuse to read anything that doesn’t support your predetermined misconceptions. We Conservatives have read the old books & the new ones. We have read your books, & have dissected & discredited your bad ideas, on both theoretical & experiential grounds. (I wish Conservatives would read & study less, & get involved in politics more.)

26. Your misfortune is the world’s fault. The free market, institutional racism, the patriarchy, Big Corporations, global cooling/warming/climate change, every hardship in life is an injustice that must be “fixed” by bigger, badder Government.

27. Everyone has their place in the pigeonholes of political “correctness”. Except you, of course. Your lot is to have the power to put the rest of us in our proper pigeonhole.

28. You think you own everyone’s paycheck & t should all be taken in taxes. No matter how much everyone pays, no matter how astronomical a debt you pile onto all of our children’s backs trying to buy your Government-run utopia, it’s never enough. You think Government’s “fair share” is … everything.


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