I wonder about Planned Parenthood in Orlando

I wonder how the Planned Parenthood Centers in my area are responding to the undercover videos exposing the organization’s participation in harvesting baby body parts.

What steps if any has the local Planned Parenthood Board of Directors taken to ensure centers under their advisement are practicing lawful and ethical procedures?


PP board of directors


The vice-chair of the Planned Parenthood in the Orlando area is the Honorable Martha Haynie. Martha Haynie also serves as the Comptroller of Orange County, an office she’s occupied for nearly thirty years. Since 1988, Haynie has run for office six times as a registered Republican.  The Comptroller’s website lists the numerous progressive causes championed by Ms. Haynie.

Another member of the local Planned Parenthood board is Susannah Randolph, a democrat activist who recently announced her bid for Florida’s 9th Congressional District. Susannah is married to Orange County tax collector, Scott Randolph, who as a state representative verbally threatened and threw papers at a fellow democrat, Daphne Campbell, on the state house floor when she voted for a bill requiring a pre-abortion ultrasound and outlawing the termination of viable babies in the 3rd trimester .

The two other Orlando members are Maria Margenot, a Senior Vice President of Sales Development, Recruiting and Training at Wyndham Vacation Ownership as reported by Orlando Business Journal and Sharon J. Wallace, wife of Derrick “Shine” Wallace, failed candidate for County Commission District 6 who got called out for a fake letter of endorsement from Barack Obama.


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