Randolph: ‘I’m doing this for HER’ … at YOUR expense

By Tom Tillison

U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson’s protege, Susannah Randolph, appears to be mimicking the bombastic Florida Democrat’s successful reliance on fundraising emails in her ambitious run for Congress.

In her latest effort to separate unsuspecting CD9 voters from their cash, the rookie candidate points to her lovely 3-year-old daughter as the reason she is running. And by all accounts, Randolph appears to be a wonderful mother who can’t dote enough on her daughter –as it should be. 

But in laying out the reasons why she is running, the former ACORN activist is very instructive of what she actually represents. 

Randolph begins by saying she will “fight to make sure unaccountable charter schools don’t loot her public classrooms for funding.” A clear indication that while strongly pro-choice, she’s opposed to parents having the option of sending their children to a school of their choice.

Sus Hil outside

Photo of Randolph and daughter included in fundraiser email

A stance that calls to mind President Obama’s opposition to the D.C. voucher program, to the benefit of his high-dollar union buddies.

Randolph then says she wants her daughter “to grow up without ever having to worry about being able to see a doctor.”

Is this veiled support for single payer, nationalized healthcare?

The social justice warrior adds that she wants parents “to be able to get paid time off” to care for their children, when sick — a feel-good issue hard to oppose, but a measure detrimental to many small businesses that undermines the very free market principles that have made the United States the most prosperous country in the world.

This position is another example of the left-wing “progressive” activist following in Grayson’s footsteps.

In announcing his run for the U.S. Senate, Grayson spoke about an upcoming state-wide paid sick leave ballot initiative being pushed by Orlando-based community organizer allies. A measure designed to turn out voters likely to support left-wing candidates. 

Randolph is now firing on all cylinders.

When her daughter’s ready for college, Randolph wants her to “do it without going into debt.”

Is this a call for “free” college, as Obama called for in his $60 billion community college initiative? Paid for courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer, of course.

Being a Democrat, Randolph closes the email out with an appeal to identity politics, targeting women and the LGBT community — a prerequisite in the year 2016.

She tells potential donors her run is “about fighting for fairness,” but her vision of fairness doesn’t seem to be about equal opportunity as much as it’s about the false notion that liberal, big government policies can regulate equal outcome.

And Randolph spends little time talking about how to pay for all the goodies. It’s commendable that she wants so much for HER daughter… unfortunately, it will come at YOUR expense.


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