Eating crow: Randolphs owed apology for inaccurate story of possible shenanigans

By Tom Tillison

In the five plus years I’ve been blogging, today is a first — I will partake in the eating of a full course of crow.

Based on a tip I received from a source who has proven in the past to be reliable, I reported Thursday that Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph may be involved in some shenanigans to assist his wife, Susannah, in her run for Congress.

The report was on the actions of Andrew Bell, who I said was an employee of the tax collectors office, a determination based on information provided by the source and on my previous dealings with Bell while he was employed at the office.

That was erroneous — Bell is no longer employed there.

After calling the office today to verify Bell’s status, Randolph contacted me to graciously inform me that the employee left in mid-February and currently has no contractual relationship with the tax collector’s office.

Having always gone to painstaking lengths to ensure what I write is accurate, until today I could proudly say I stand by every article I’ve ever published — and they number in the thousands.

I apologize to readers who look to me to provide accurate information, and I apologize to Scott and Susannah Randolph.

I continue to look forward to educating Central Florida voters on the upcoming election and having learned a valuable lesson today, will endeavor to maintain a standard of accuracy that I failed to meet in this story.


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