Another week, Another Assault on a Police Officer in Orange County

Last week I wrote about the disturbing trend of assaulting police officers in Orange County HERE

The trend continues this week with a police officer in the hospital after the driver in a routine traffic stop ran him over with the vehicle while trying to escape.

“I am sick and tired of people running from the police and not complying with police officers’ orders,” says Orlando Police chief John Mina.  He promises to bring justice to the person who attempted to murder this police officer.


Chief Mina has good reason to be “sick and tired.” In addition to this latest string of assaults on police officers, another police officer was run over and dragged by a suspect during a traffic stop in May.


Who can be surprised that some think they have a license to resist authority?

Obama and a complicit media have spent the last year perpetuating the false narrative of police brutality.

The question is how long will community officials ignore this attack on law and order? They spend their time concerned with sporting venues and bike-sharing rather than on government’s primary role which is public safety.

UPDATE on Police Officer who was run over:

This morning Chief Mina tweeted:


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