Election 2014: ‘Well, God isn’t a Democrat tonight’

demsThe 2014 midterm election is finally behind us and the results could not have been worse for Democrats,  be it nationally, statewide or locally.

Political experts are calling it a wave election… locally you could just call it a bloodbath.

Orange County Democrats not only saw their entire Florida House delegation go down in defeat, but also lost on all four ballot initiatives, including their crown jewel, Question C.

A somewhat surprising turn of events considering the Democratic Party holds a lead of nearly 100,000 registered voters — the Oompa Loompa Tan Man Charlie Crist bagged 36,000+ more votes in Orange County than Republican opponent Gov. Rick Scott.

Nevertheless, before moving on to new battles, we thought we’d gloat one last time by taking a look at the reaction of some of the local progressive activists as Election Night unfolded, courtesy of social media.

As the polls closed on Tuesday, Scott Randolph, the “leader” of the progressive movement, and former chairman of the local party, posted some stats to let the foot soldiers know they had good reason to hope:


But Randolph’s numbers only served to set the ACORN faithful up for a harder fall.

Their favorite newspaper man, Scott Maxwell, was an earlier harbinger of bad news. Maxwell was posting election results on his Facebook wall, and within the first hour he noted that things were looking bleak for the local Florida House delegation.

He posted another update 20 minutes later, which would prove to be his last for the evening — apparently he could take no more of the devastating news.



By this point, there was no escaping the hard truth. Everything the ACORN folks had worked so hard for was going down in flames. Social media grew quiet for a while, presumably as the bad news settled in.

Among the first to accept the harsh reality was community organizer extraordinaire Stephanie Porta. Ever the consummate professional, she blamed it all on evil capitalism!


The evening had turned into a nightmare, but loyal aide and Orange County Tax Collector Community Relations Coordinator Kelly Quintero tried to sum things up with this message of encouragement:


All the excitement proved to be too much for the progressive movement’s high strung non-Sentinel scribe, Billy Manes:


Susannah Randolph soon added to the drama of what was proving to be a difficult night:


Of course, Randolph took it better than some. I’m still awaiting a reply from the Guinness Book of Records, but this next message may be a contender for most “F-bombs” in a single post. Suffice it to say, this is one unhappy camper:




6 thoughts on “Election 2014: ‘Well, God isn’t a Democrat tonight’

  1. It doesn’t cross their little collectivist minds that Floridians reject what they want to force down everyones throat.

  2. I could not help notice the irony that after the hate filled F bomb tweet, there is an advertisement for jewelry, Vera Wang L-O-V-E collection. Yup, God is definitely not a Democrat.

  3. I’m keeping this article bookmarked. So sweet to actually read reactions, in their own words. Although I usually delete any social media posts that include the F word, this one is a keeper, because it really shows how far they fell on Tuesday. Now, back to work, they won’t stop, nor will we!

    • that one post where porta says “we will work twice as hard” or whatever it was. guess what porta? when the product is inferior, you cant give it away.

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