Orlando Sentinel Forum on Closing the Income Gap – A Snapshot of Left’s Agenda in Orange County

The Orlando Sentinel held a “Florida Forward” forum Tuesday in Winter Park which was a great snapshot of what is going on in Orange County and across the nation.

The progressive left in Orange County is leading the charge to change our county charter to mandate employers provide paid sick leave and higher minimum wage to their workers. This is only the beginning, folks, these activists are being paid by outside entities to push agendas of this nature through ballot initiatives, right here in Orange County.

If these initiatives pass, you are sure to see businesses leaving Orange County for friendlier turf. “Orange County is the New Detroit” might not be too far fetched. How will this help the poor?

Please watch this video and notice that economic facts are lost on the democratic activists, when they have very valid “feelings” to address. As one of the primary leaders of the progressive left, you will see how panelist Stephanie Porta — Organize Now, formerly ACORN Florida — is so ill prepared that she has to shuffle and read from note cards the entire time, with no actual economic knowledge from which to speak.

Not to go without mention, fellow panelist Val Demings, the former Orlando police chief, failed congressional candidate and short lived candidate for Orange County mayor, defends single parent homes and is against these poor communities having a choice in public schools.

Very telling that the better informed panelists, UCF economist Sean Snaith, Valencia economics Professor Jack Chambless and lawyer and commentator Tico Perez, all presented real solutions to the problems facing the poor in our community. This falls on the deaf ears of Porta and Demings, because the narrative of school choice, graduating from school, lowering-out of wedlock births, tech school opportunities and hard work, doesn’t win elections, which appears to be their #1 agenda.


One thought on “Orlando Sentinel Forum on Closing the Income Gap – A Snapshot of Left’s Agenda in Orange County

  1. Val Demmings and Stephanie Porta disagree with solutions that require a person to take themselves in hand and make a better life for themselves. They prefer to deploy solutions that the middle class has the privilege of paying for. They are not interested in personal responsibility. They want people to care more for children than the actual parents.

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