Is Scott Randolph using his Public Office for his Political Gain?

I am not surprised to read that Scott Randolph, the Orange County tax collector, has come under fire for questionable political maneuvers like using the resources and employees of his public office to push his radical agenda at the expense of the Orange County taxpayer.

A few years ago, his name hit the headlines during his time in the state house when he threw papers at fellow state representative Daphne Campbell, verbally threatening her on the state house floor.

“Scott Randolph is acting in a partisan way,” says WFTV political analyst Rick Foglesong about the latest events.

According to WFTV, Randolph is funding a petition push that would make county races partisan and would shorten Mayor Teresa Jacobs term. (I am not sure if it is even within the charter’s authority to shorten an elected official’s term).

Also, in making races partisan, Randolph would disenfranchise roughly 1/3 of the county voters who choose not to affiliate with the 2 major parties because they cannot participate in the party primaries.

The particular tax collector office employee in question, Amy Ritter, was recently recognized by U.S. Representative Alan Grayson when he read her name into the congressional record praising her “Pink Slip Rick” effort which included following Gov. Rick Scott around the state with a pink bed sheet that had “Pink Slip Rick” spray painted on it. It is worthy to note here that Amy Ritter’s former boss at Florida Watch Action, Susannah Randolph, now works in Alan Grayson’s office. Susannah is the wife of Ritter’s current boss, Scott Randolph, the tax collector.

With Ritter employed at the tax collector office and Susannah employed in the congressional office, it is unclear who runs the political partisan activist organization, Florida Watch Action. Current filings with the state lists Susannah Randolph as the director.

This isn’t the first time the Randolph couple has been caught up in controversy. As a Florida state representative, Scott Randolph came under scrutiny by the Tampa Bay Times for trying to direct $50,000 of public funds to the scandal-ridden ACORN where Susannah was state director.

It looks like Randolph runs a tight, secretive political circle within the Democrat county party and was not happy that WFTV reporter Lori Brown was privy to information about his petition gathering process.




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