Keep Petiton Initiatives in Orange County LOCAL!

Updated time! See below

Citizens petitioning government to have their grievances heard — that is part of America’s DNA, right?

But what happens when the petitioning process is perverted in such a way as to EXPAND the power of the state over the people, their property and private commerce?

That is EXACTLY what’s happening in Orange County, FL!

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are flowing into Orange County from outside special interest groups like DC-based Big Labor and ideologically-driven NYC foundations to push their radical agenda on the residents and local businesses of Orange County.

Much like the Colorado Blueprint, the progressive takeover of Colorado in 2004, a network of donors and the ideological radicals at the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center have orchestrated a well-funded nationwide effort to target crucial areas of the country to influence and manipulate elections and local policy making.

There is a bull’s eye on Orange County. Their infrastructure of front groups and shadowy funding is already imbedded in our county. Will Orange County become the next Detroit?

What can we do about this?

We can stand up for our county! Encourage the County Commissioners and County Mayor to SAFEGUARD OUR CHARTER by supporting the Charter Amendment to Reform the Petition Initiative Process at next week’s Public Hearing!

  • When: Tuesday, May 6 at 2 pm (arrive before 2 pm to sign up to speak or sign up online HERE )
  • Where: Orange County Administration Building at 201 S. Rosalind Ave

Tell the Board of Commissioners to Keep Ballot Initiatives Local!

  1. Balance the playing field for authentic grassroots campaigns by raising  thresholds and limiting the time periods for professional petition-circulators
  2. Support fair representation by requiring petitions from ALL districts of Orange County
  3.  Allow for proper and adequate vetting of the initiative by extending the deadline before election day from 45 to 150 days.
  4. Protect the rights of all county citizens by focusing the scope of the initiative so that it does not violate the charter limitations or state law.


TUESDAY, MAY 6TH Arrive before 2 pm 



One thought on “Keep Petiton Initiatives in Orange County LOCAL!

  1. So by raising thresholds you allow more grassroots participation? Currently, you have to collect a bit more than two hundred petitions per day. This is just barely doable with a team of paid canvassers. Now, under the rules proposed by Brummer, you would have to collect about 700 per day in order to get your initiative on the ballot in the time allotted. How is that more conducive to “authentic grassroots campaigns”? By authentic, I imagine you mean campaigns with little money? Maybe all volunteer? You have to realize that that’s a pipe dream. What increasing the difficulty is going to do is make it so that the ONLY folks who can make an initiative campaign viable are going to be the big DC/NYC donors. This aspect of the proposal only works for folks who have no grievances to redress with the County OR those with the money to CREATE grievances.

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