Obama and Rubio: War on Poverty

In Sunday’s  Washington Examiner, political columnist Byron York wrote President Obama and the Hill Democrats, working with labor unions and activist groups, will launch a new campaign to raise the minimum wage.

The democrat narrative will be that a raise in the minimum wage will help people move out of poverty. However, they will ignore facts and use cleverly crafted phrases in their campaign because even they know history shows hikes in the minimum wage is in fact a job-killing policy. In the midst of a jobless recovery, this will be a blow to the unemployment rate in an already weak economy.

York explains how democrats are launching this campaign as a “wedge issue”  in the upcoming 2014 election. Rather than initiating a fact-based debate on policy, democrats are initiating an emotionally driven narrative absent of reality.

In fact, York points out that back in 2006, even then-Senator Obama conceded that economists could be correct that “any big jumps in the minimum wage discourage employers from hiring more workers,” when he laid out his best case for raising the minimum wage: “when the minimum wage hasn’t been changed in nine years and has less purchasing power in real dollars than it did in 1955, so that someone working full-time today in a minimum-wage job doesn’t earn enough to rise out of poverty, such arguments carry less force.”

However, York explains that Obama’s 2006 argument doesn’t still stand for the following 3 reasons:

1. the minimum wage was increased in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

2. The value of today’s minimum wage is higher in real terms than various points in history.

3. A full-time minimum wage worker earns more than the federal poverty level.

Democrats will rely on emotion-driven arguments and avoid all debate about the policy. This feels like the right thing to do, never mind the facts!

Senator Marco Rubio is taking the lead, starting a conversation with the American people. This is not an open-and-shut argument as Obama would like us to believe. With an evidence-based approach, Marco Rubio looks for solutions to poverty, check out this video he released recently:

January 8th, to mark the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s declaration of America’s War on Poverty, Senator Marco Rubio will deliver remarks on reforming antipoverty programs and improving income mobility in the US at the American Enterprise Institute.


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