FL GOP Senators Support Union-Endorsed Democrat. HUH?

750px-Flag_of_Florida.svgWhy are Florida Republicans contributing to the campaign of a union-endorsed democrat running for County commission in Palm Beach County?

Post on Politics reports that State Senator Jake Latvala, republican from Clearwater, and a network of republican senators who are considered supporters of Latvala’s 2016 bid for the Senate presidency have contributed $4,000 to democrat candidate Melissa McKinlay. McKinlay is reported to have raised an impressive $28,654 in her first month of campaigning.

I am not sure what interest these republican Senators including Nancy Detert of Venice and Greg Evers of Okaloosa would have in a district that isn’t even close to their parts of the state. More importantly, I have to wonder why they would be supporting a union-endorsed democrat.

According to Project Vote Smart both senators Detert and Evers, though republicans, voted AGAINST school choice legislation providing options for parents with students in failing public schools and voted FOR using state taxpayer money to subsidize stadiums for sports teams owned by billionaires including the Miami Dolphins. While the Chamber of Commerce rated their performance as solid Bs, the conservative financial grassroots organization Americans for Prosperity gave both senators failing marks.

Florida republicans need to take a close look at these so-called republicans who support Crony Capitalism and the Government Monopoly on the education of our children! Come on, Florida, WAKE UP!


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