Anti-Bully Program Attacks Christian Teaching For Creating Fearful, Unsafe Schools

imageThe Upstanders program is an initiative at the Holocaust Center located in Maitland, FL near Orlando. This organization receives funding to run its anti-bullying campaign on many middle school campuses in central Florida.

In June, when the Defense of Marriage Act (passed during the Clinton years) was struck down, Upstanders  posted on their public Facebook page that striking down DOMA will make our schools safer and our students less fearful. Apparently, those at Upstanders attribute the bullying on campuses to Christian families teaching their children that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Like I mentioned, this Upstanders campaign is run out of the Holocaust Center in Maitland. It is a shame this group hijacks the murder of 5-6 million Jews to promote same sex marriage. It is not clear whether other Upstanders programs push the homosexual agenda, but after looking at several websites and facebook pages at other Holocaust centers, it looks like Maitland Upstanders is the only one to stray from the tolerance message to advocate for the homosexual agenda.

Concerned parents should check out this website to find helpful ways to teach children true tolerance.To understand more about the “gay” agenda and how it targets students without full disclosure to parents go to Mission America.

Christian parents need to also be aware that a leading anti-bullying advocate, Dan Savage, attacked the Bible and cursed Christian teenagers at a National High School Journalist Conference last year. We must prepare our children to be steadfast in their faith even in a culture that ridicules and attacks Biblical Truth.


One thought on “Anti-Bully Program Attacks Christian Teaching For Creating Fearful, Unsafe Schools

  1. The secular left will stop at nothing, to advance their anti Christian agenda. To use the Holicost to advocate for same sex marriage proves that point. Schools (mine included) need to do their homework before signing on to these programs. Instead of programs, where kids can space out, they need more detentions and direct punishments for bully behavior.

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