Pro-Obamacare AARP Diverts Blame as Doctor Network Shrinks in FL

aarp-free-membershipAARP supported obamacare even hosting town halls in Florida to help get the ACA bill passed. But, now as doctors are being dropped from the Medicare Advantage plans in Florida and elsewhere, AARP claims that it just lends its name to the insurer provider which is UnitedHealthcare to collect proceeds and has no influence on the doctor network. WOW! Way to accept responsibility! Hopefully seniors will now realize that AARP did throw them under the Obama bus like conservatives warned.

Tampa Bay Times reports on the angry seniors who are having to scramble to different plans in order to keep their doctors. I have not been able to get information about how seniors in Central Florida are faring. In typical liberal fashion, Orlando Sentinel seems to be ignoring the upheaval obamacare is causing for policy holders but if you are worried about a visit to the Ocala forest after the government shutdown the Sentinel has you covered!


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