APB Out for Any Democratic Politician Who Gives a Rip

Am I the only one (why do many of my posts start like that?) that is wondering if there is even ONE Democratic politician who has said anything about the plight of citizens who have lost their jobs, had hours reduced, had health insurance canceled or had premiums increased from 50-200%?

I’m not looking for the leadership, we all know Senators like Florida’s Bill Nelson, or Alan Grayson don’t care two wits about any citizen who doesn’t contribute or vote for them, I’m looking for an old school Democrat, who cares about the nation.  I used to be one, so I know they used to be plentiful.   Are their voices silenced by the radical lurch of their party?

Do we have an administration, which is proving that no pain is too great, for them to achieve the promised “transformation” of America?   The recent behavior against our Veteran’s may be the best indication to answer that question.

I may be dreaming to think that the sensible Democrats would break away and join patriotic American’s to work together to fix the machine that we all despise, in alternating administrations.

Rattle Tale


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