Alan Grayson Makes Me Laugh….Again

tburningAt one sad point in time, congressman Alan Grayson was my representative in Washington DC. While I am sure glad those two years are over, for some sadistic reason I have chosen to remain on his emailing list. This means that incendiary rantings of a madman often end up in my email account.

Often times after reading his correspondence, I ponder the different personality disorders (such as psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists) and pervasive development disorders. And then I start to hope that those closest to mentally ill people are aware of Florida’s Baker Act.

While I know Grayson only posts this stuff to get attention, I have to respond to his latest tirade because it was particularly inflammatory. Could you imagine if my current representative (Dan Webster), sent out such a letter? I think David Damron or Scott Maxwell at my local so-called newspaper (Orlando Sentinel) would write no less than 20 columns lecturing the Republican Party about hate and violent language.

Anyway, I just want to remind the congressman that it is the Democrat Party with the history of cross burning and electing Klan members to Congress.  And, since Grayson isn’t from Florida he might not know about Representative Josiah Walls, a Florida Republican, elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1871. In fact from 1869 to 1935, every black elected to congress was from the Republican Party. Furthermore, it was the racism of progressive Woodrow Wilson that reversed much of the advancements of black Americans, it was the racism of progressive FDR that resulted in the internment of Japanese Americans, it was the racism of progressive Senate Majority leader Lyndon Johnson that delayed the civil rights legislation and it is was the racism of Planned Parenthood founder that has made the organization the leading killer of black Americans today.

While the Democrat Party promotes government dependency, it has been the Republican Party that promotes the dignity of all human beings. Citizens of Florida should demand civility and honesty from this congressman. His DC office number is 202-225-9889



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