FL Blue Drops 80% of Policyholders in FL

NBC News reports FL Blue (Formerly known as BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) of Florida) has dropped 80% of its health insurance policyholders in Florida.

But, let’s revisit the President’s promises about his healthcare reform, in his own words:

If you made it through the first rounds of cancellations, you have no reason to be relieved because more cancellations are likely to come.

While FL Blue customers are big losers in obamacare, FL Blue is one of the inside players in the roll out of obamacare.  In August state director Slade O’Brien of Americans for Prosperity raised concerns about the shadowy dealings between FL Blue executives and the Obama administration in the insurance policy enrollment process of obamacare:

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield has executives that sit on the board of Enroll America and stands to receive direct financial gain from the actions of Enroll America.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield executives, including the CEO of Florida Blue, met with President Obama and Secretary Sibelius as recently as April to discuss how they can work together to enroll as many people as possible in insurance policies through the exchange. This is the epitome of a big business-big government partnership designed to grow private business profits through government force, all under the guise of a non-profit,” commented Mr. O’Brien.

Enroll America receives tax exempt status and has a board of directors consisting of healthcare entities, that stand to benefit from the insurance exchanges, including BCBS. Board members have the ability to contribute to Enroll America, receiving a tax deduction, and have Enroll America use that donation to sell the board member’s products.

He continued, “As a board member, Blue Cross and Blue Shield is running an organization that is advocating for people to buy a product they sell. That’s called inurnment and it’s not only unacceptable, it’s illegal. Blue Cross and Blue Shield will pad their pockets with new taxpayer-subsidized insurance policies, while citizens lose jobs and businesses are unable to hire and expand. This is just one more example of the disastrous affects of the President’s signature healthcare law on Florida’s families.”

What could go wrong when Big Insurance & Big Government come together?

Because of the confusion being caused by obamacare, Americans for Prosperity is hosting statewide town halls where citizens can come get information for their families and businesses. The information workshop is free, click Here



6 thoughts on “FL Blue Drops 80% of Policyholders in FL

  1. I have not been dropped, yet. During my call to Florida Blue, today, I was told that all letters for 12/21/13 cancellations are already out. Next dump will be in July of 2014. If canceled, I will be notified 3 months prior. We will all be dumped in due time, I’m sure

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