Pope Francis & the Catholic Spring?


Just when I thought all had been written about the interview with Pope Francis comes this-

In her last letter as the president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), Pat Farrell, OSF writes:

There are some who would call the moment we are experiencing “a Catholic spring.” None of us could have imagined a year ago a Pope Francis, bringing fresh air to an ecclesiastical environment gone stale. Church reform movements are proliferating, networking, flourishing. Clearly there is observable movement. Could it be that spring is upon us?

Catholic Spring? Oh, puh-leeeease!

Does Farrell use the term “Catholic spring” to call to mind the Arab spring, a movement that has brought violence and extremism to the Middle East as radical Islam sweeps through that region? We hear the stories of beheadings of Coptic Christians, rapes of women in Tahrir Square, attacks on US embassies including the assassination of a US ambassador and a bloody Syrian civil war.

Farrell then goes on to attack Pope Benedict by calling Pope Francis the “fresh air” to an ecclesiastical environment gone stale a year ago. Pope Benedict’s call to not forsake the Catholic Identity fell not not only on deaf but perhaps defiant ears. I believe that “reform” to Catholic Modernist means changing Church teaching to accommodate worldly pursuits. The ordination of women, birth control (even abortion), and redefining marriage are a few such “reforms” that the Modernists would like to see. Can you say “fundamental transformation”?

LCWR, first founded in 1956, is an umbrella organization which represents about 80 percent of the approximately 57,000 U.S. sisters. And, I always wonder how many of them burned their bras in the 60’s.

Like most of us, Farrell no doubt draws inspiration from the humility and compassion Pope Francis  so sincerely displays but I think it goes much deeper for her. Is it sheer giddiness that causes her to believe that Pope Francis is about to change 2000 years of Church Teaching?

The liberal media’s latest willingness to aid in the religious women’s dissent of Catholic orthodoxy must no doubt add to Farrell’s enthusiasm. CBS’s 60 Minutes recently rebroadcasted a segment on the LCWR. And, the headline of LCWR August  newsletter announces a deal with NBC to feature LCWR’s documentary Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America.

Not all of what Pope Francis said was well received. The Holy Father drew fire when he ruled out of the ordination of women.  Another former LCWR president likened male-only priesthood to “a form of inequality which is a form of idolatry.”

Radical feminism and sexual activism threaten the Catholic Identity. This is the time for the Church, the moral authority, to speak with clarity. If not, confusion and chaos will surely follow.

To read the latest LCWR newsletter, go here.

To better understand where the modernist movement wants to take the Church, read this “Catholic” theologian’s opinion here

The best analysis I’ve read is  “Don’t tell the media, the Pope is using them”

I can’t help but hum “Let’s give ’em somethin’ to talk about, a little mystery to figure out”.  Pope Francis has certainly gotten the world’s attention!


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