McCain-Graham Strategy-Surrender the GOP

As long as the McCains and Grahams of the Republican Party are allowed to lead, the GOP will keep losing, in the senate and in elections.

Nothing disillusions and disenfranchises the base more than poor leadership.

There is a real disconnect between the little “r” republicans and the Republican establishment. This disconnect erupted into anger at my recent republican women’s club when a member asked RNC vice-chair Sharon Day about Senator Marco Rubio’s involvement with the immigration gang of eight, which was led by McCain and Graham.

This week, the leadership of McCain and Graham resulted in the surrender of the senate. Their nuclear appeasement strategy not only led to the appointments of Obama radicals to the Labor Department and the Frank-Dodd Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but also to the a majority of extreme ideologues on the National Labor Relations Board.

If people like Marco Rubio continue to follow the failed leadership of McCain and Graham, the Republican Party will not survive.

Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee have proven they are the new generation of the Republican Party with vision and inspiring leadership. Marco Rubio would serve us well by helping them usher out the republican old guard who are desperately clinging to their own power so that we can get on with growing and strengthening the party.

Here is an update from the Senate Conservatives:

Fellow Conservatives:

John McCain and Lindsey GrahamThe GOP’s Neville Chamberlain Caucus, led by Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham, secured peace in the Senate this week by capitulating in the face of the threat of Harry Reid’s “nuclear option.”

The nuclear option is a parliamentary procedure where Democrats would ignore the rules of the Senate and abolish the filibuster with only 51 votes — a move that would fundamentally weaken debate in the Senate and help liberals pass even more legislation.

In the face of that threat, Senators McCain and Graham led the surrender. Instead of calling Senator Reid’s bluff and forcing him to explain why he was destroying the Senate, they gave him what he wanted.

Senator McCain led the way by voting with the Democrats to end debate on the nomination of Thomas Perez, President Obama’s radical pick to be Secretary of Labor. Perez is famous for suing numerous states for passing voter ID laws.

McCain and Graham also betrayed conservatives by voting to end debate on Richard Cordray, Obama’s nominee for the Dodd-Frank Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Republicans were insisting on changes to this job-killing agency before Cordray could be confirmed, but McCain and Graham killed the effort by joining the Democrats.

These were two remarkable sellouts, but the crowning achievement of the McCain-Graham appeasement strategy was when they agreed to allow Obama to pack the National Labor Relations Board with two new members who were hand-picked by the AFL-CIO.

Whose team are these guys on?

Their epic capitulation has now sent an unequivocal message to Senator Reid that all he has to do to break Republican resolve in the future is threaten them with the nuclear option.

It’s time to replace McCain and Graham with true conservatives. We can’t tolerate this kind of policy betrayal anymore. And we shouldn’t allow them to get away with calling conservatives like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul “ridiculous” and “wacko birds.”

We are mapping out plans to defeat these two RINOs as well as several others. Please help us elect strong, principled leaders to the U.S. Senate by making a contribution to the Senate Conservatives Fund today.

Change in Washington means changing the people we send there.

Best regards,

Matt Hoskins
Executive Director
Senate Conservatives Fund


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