Orlando Priest Welcomes Controversial Nuns on the Bus

007In reaction to the Orlando Diocese opening up its doors to the Nuns on the Bus, this open letter of outrage has been sent to Bishop Noonan’s office as well as to Fr. Walsh and Sr. Ann Kendrick of St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Winter Park.

Despite the Vatican’s recent reprimand for serious doctrinal problems (abortion, human sexuality, women’s ordination), the Leadership Conference of Women Religious’ NetWork, Sr Simone Campbell and Nuns on the Bus (NOTB) were allowed in the Catholic Diocese of Orlando by Bishop John Noonan.

The Orlando Diocesan Vicar General, Fr Richard Walsh, welcomed Sr Simone and NOTB to his parish of St Margaret Mary in Winter Park on Sunday June 2nd at 7:30 pm. On June 3rd at 4 pm the Diocese hosted Sr Simone and NOTB at the Diocesan Farm Worker Ministry’s Hope CommUnity Center in Apopka which is run by Sr Ann Kendrick.


The seven Bishops of Florida, Sr Simone Campbell, NOTB, Fr Walsh and Sr Ann Kendrick should know that the Catholic Church is not a political party. It is a defender of the moral law. Therefore, they should uphold the moral teachings which Christ has entrusted to His Church for safekeeping through the Pope and the Magisterium.


The bishops should be oriented to specific issues to determine and support those that are in accord with God’s divine law, and permit flexibility of choice to the laity whenever the issues are primarily secular rather than divinely mandated. This is entirely consistent with Christ’s mandate to “Render to Caesar (the world) the things that are Caesar’s and render to God that things that are God’s.”


The things that are God’s are non-negotiable – abortion, homosexuality and same-sex “marriage”, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, infanticide, euthanasia.  One must preserve God’s Law by always opposing these sins.


The things that are Caesar’s, or worldly things, are negotiable and a person may legitimately be for or against them – capital punishment, the economy and jobs, health-care and housing, war, the environment and immigration, therefore the bishops should not intimidate parishioners by bulletin inserts proclaiming what is in fact their personal opinion.


The bishops should be cautious in overstepping their duties by engaging too aggressively in political actions involving worldly things which provide physical nourishment for the body rather than spiritual nourishment for the soul. The clergy should be teachers of the moral law to the laity, rather than be political activists themselves.


Sr Simone and the NOTB uphold that Mexico, the United States and Canada be without borders. They affirm that same-sex “marriage” and abortion should be a right, and that women should be allowed to become priests. Allowing Sr Simone Campbell and NOTB into the diocese indicates Bishop Noonan’s approval of their teachings and agenda which is the very reason for their rebuke by the Vatican.


Below is a link of NOTB at St Margaret Mary in Winter Park, with a few segments of NOTB at Daniel Webster’s office on Monday morning. The audio begins at 4:25. Unfortunately there is no video of Sr Simone trying to push the videographer, a young mother of four sons, out of the public elevator at Daniel Webster’s office.




Susan Matthiesen

If you would like to voice your concerns to the Office of the Bishop, you can do so by calling 407-246-4815. The radical agenda of Sr. Simone threatens the Catholic Church’s core teachings.

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