Open Letter responding to FL Bishops’ Immigration Statement

Photo Jun 07, 11 40 29 AMWith the writer’s permission, I am posting this letter written in response to the June 5, 2013 statement issued by the Bishops of Florida in support of the Immigration Reform Bill:

To the Most Reverend Wenski, Dewane, Bararito, Noonan, Parkes, Lynch and Estevez:

How convenient to have ignored the second paragraph of CCC2241. There’s no honor among thieves. The aliens in Israel didn’t break in, but when they did they were to be punished or banished. Let’s not forget that part of Scripture.

We agree on justice for all. We disagree on the policy. That doesn’t make one of us less Catholic. The proposed “fix” is a 1922 page behemoth that will reap corruption & sow distrust. The debacle of ACA should have taught you that by now.

Immigration has many moving parts. Each part should be addressed in separate short comprehensible bills in order of priority. Stop the illegal influx 1st! Prove that this part is fixed. Build trust in the agencies then move on to identification and verification.

The actual cost benefit analysis must comport to Catholic Social Teaching, too. If this law adds to the already onerous debt, which early reports indicate it does, then that absolutely argues against support and for piecemeal reforms that are affordable. How does bankrupting this nation benefit immigrants running from bankrupt nations?

A reply would be appreciated. Name calling not helpful.

Praying for our Bishops to open their eyes and their hearts to the truth of the damage that S. 744 will do. There are good alternative proposals available, written and ready for support.

a sister in Christ,

Nanette Parratto-Wagner
Orlando, FL
St. Maximilian Kolbe
Respect Life Ministry Leader
CCW Legislative Team Co-Leader & International Concerns Team Leader

I admire the courage of Nan to speak out on this matter. Also, I would like to call the attention of the Bishops to the following problems with the 1000-plus page bill outlined by Senator Ted Cruz, a son of a Cuban immigrant. You can call the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops at 850-205-6820 to let them know why this bad bill should not be supported!
Provides immediate legalization without securing the border
Rewards criminal aliens, absconders, and deportees and undermines law enforcement
Contains extremely dangerous national security loopholes
Facilitates fraud in our immigration system
Creates no real penalties for illegal immigrants and rewards them with entitlements
Delays for years the implementation of E-Verify
Does not fix our legal immigration system
Advanced through a process predicated on a deal struck before markup
Rewards those who have broken our laws by offering a special path to citizenship



One thought on “Open Letter responding to FL Bishops’ Immigration Statement

  1. Ms. Parrato-Wagner makes a very good point in the assertion that “Each part should be addressed in separate short comprehensible bills…….”.

    The strategy for most personal, corporate, and societal change should always be in narrowed, succinct steps. Why? Because if the change is found to be a mistake or defective, we can more easily correct course and recover while minimizing loss or damage. Comprehensive change that is executed as one big permutation of modifications across several objects creates tentacles that become grounded across entities and impossible to rollback; a recent example, 0bamacare.

    Government loves to throw around the “comprehensive”. It has yet to learn what corporations know about “change”. Then the people are stuck with the loss and damage.

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