Are You a Cruz Republican or a McCain Republican?

There is battle going on for the Republican Party.

The debt ceiling floor speeches of John McCain and Ted Cruz lay out the distinctions between the business-as-usual club and the true reformers.

John McCain argues that the backroom deals are a part of Senate procedures and ridicules the junior republican Senator who call for the exclusion of slipping a debt limit increase in the house-senate conference.

Ted Cruz points out that SOME republican Senators are content with casting a SYMBOLIC VOTE against raising the debt ceiling rather than actually STANDING UP AND STOPPING IT FROM HAPPENING.

For far too long, this has been standard operating procedure of republicans like McCain. We send them up to Washington DC to limit the growth of government only to find that they do not do all that is within their power to stop the expansion of government and increase the spending. They return from DC, shaking their heads, saying that congress is broken.

Well, it takes courage to actually fix it.


Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul have proven they have the courage to take on the arrogant political class entrenched in Washington DC.

Move over, John McCain!


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