Can You Hear Us Now?

Here is what we have:

A bungling administration that didn’t heed the words of several verbal and written communications including those from Ambassador Stevens, stating that the scene in Tripoli was getting hot and increased security was needed in Benghazi.

A juvenile lie attributing the Benghazi attack to a  “spontaneous” protest because of a video on YouTube posted by someone in the US that everyone in Libya saw but Americans never heard of.   That’s quite an accomplishment for ordinary citizens;  an impromptu demonstration rife with artillery and  bombs and a thorough knowledge of the consulates’ physical layout.  The purpose of this fourth grade story was to cover up the incompetence associated with dropping the ball on protecting the Benghazi denizens and to keep Obamas’ presidential run from losing momentum.

Then we have the #IRS, with instructions from someone yet unknown, using “patriot language” in tax returns and corporate applications as the tickler to flag those artifacts intending them for further investigation and scrutiny.

And now the Department of Justice led by Attorney General Eric  “Americans are racial cowards”  Holder, secretly and illegally seizing the phone records of Associated Press staff. Not just the phones at AP, but their personal phones as well.

This is what you get when you elect Leftist social engineers. This administration is the climax of 100 years of unchecked leftist activism and infiltration.

Can you hear us now?


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