Randolph’s Democrat Party Uses Social Media to Attack Local Businesses

Photo May 08, 8 31 42 PMWalt Disney World is just one of several corporations to come under the fire of the Orange County Democrat Party. Darden restaurants and Universal Parks have also been targeted.

Business owners can’t help but notice just how radical the local democrat party has become under the leadership of liberal Scott Randolph.

Randolph is no stranger to controversy having physically attacked a female democrat during the Florida legislation session of 2011 when she broke party line on a vote. Calling her a traitor, Randolph threatened her saying “I swear, you will not be re-elected. I will get an opponent.”

The good news is that Mr. Randolph’s time in the state house was brief however the bad news is that Mr. Randolph through shenanigans managed to make himself the county tax collector nominee replacing Earl K Wood on the ballot following Wood’s sudden death. Capitalizing on the name recognition of a dead man and not even having to campaign, Randolph won the local election to clench a job reported to draw a $150,000 yearly salary.

Earlier this year, I noted that Randolph as the newly elected tax collector called for a boycott on Hobby Lobby, a Christian-owned craft store chain.

If Randolph is using the office of the tax collector and his democrat party chairmanship to advocate for anti-business and anti-job policies, the taxpayers, the unemployed and the business owners of Orange County must stay watchful.


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