OrganizeNow Radical on Sentinel Edit Room Floor

orlando-sentinel-editThe Orlando Sentinel was called out yesterday for using a source of questionable credibility in  an online article covering a statewide Public Policy Polling survey.

Brook Hines, of the shadowy “Community Business Association” was quoted by the Sentinel’s David Damron in this article, although readers were not offered much context on just who she is.

The activist watch group noted the link between the “Community Business Association” and the ACORN Florida successor organization known as Organize Now.

Interestingly enough, Hines now lies on the Sentinel edit room floor. In the print version circulated today, the entire reference to the shadowy group “Community Business Association” was removed.

When contacted by email about the comments, Damron replied the feedback was of little importance to him.

It is sad that the Orlando Sentinel writer would be so disconnected with the community.

Read more about the Sentinel’s misleading report and the liberal radicals at Organize Now here


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