Christian Student Organization Kicked off FL College Campus

The marginalizing of Christians in our society continues. Unfortunately, our schools and colleges are the battlegrounds.

On Friday Orlando Fox 35 News reported that a Christian organization that has been meeting on Rollin College’s campus for over four decades has been told it is no longer welcomed on campus.

“When you create a non-discrimination policy that effectively excludes students from campus — marginalizes the Christian students — the policy is failing to accomplish what Rollins itself wants to do,” Intervarsity Christian Fellowship National Field Director Greg Jao told FOX 35.

The college’s board of trustees refused to grant the club a religious exception saying in a statement released last week that “such exceptions would be inconsistent with the process of learning and growth that the college seeks to foster”.

Director of Public Affairs for Rollins College Lauren Bradley said that, as an unofficial organization, the school will not provide meeting space for Intervarsity members and will not provide any funding though this group has never received any money, group leaders tells us.
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