WESH Weekend Anchor Not Very Nice on Twitter

Weekend anchor at WESH Channel 2, Stewart Moore, posted on Twitter that he was going to ask the following question of David Gregory at NBC Meet the Press.

Displaying typical media bias, Stewart omitted some facts, so I sent a tweet-it’s a bit scrambled, but I had not gotten my full caffeine injection with only a sip of morning coffee-reminding him of some things. I mentioned the fact that House Republicans had offered up bills that would make it possible to avoid sequestration and I reminded him that Obama had taken a vacation, as well.

Stewart dismisses the republican plan as ‘partisan’. Well, Stewart, if you mean that the solution included government spending cuts-yes, it did. So,of course, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gets a pass from Stewart for never allowing such a bill to the floor for discussion and a vote.

OK, now Stewart’s patience is running thin-he accuses me of having an agenda- ahhhh, I’m part of that vast right-wing conspiracy, Stewart, you found me out! Of course, Stewart’s the objective one, right?

If you follow the link in his tweet you will see that Stewart goes on to defend Obama, saying “the White House released a plan at all of its campaign style events”.  This is objectivity?

Ha! I wonder if the Congressional Budget Office has scored this so-called ‘plan’. Obama’s speeches had no plan other than chicken little fear mongering and class warfare rhetoric meant to further divide the country.

I defend myself from Stewart’s attack, simply pointing out that I wondered why he would call out the House for its recess and not Obama for his vacation. So, Stewart says that this is because the House took 9 days of vacation which is way longer than Obama’s getaway.

Of course, Stewart is really mis-characterizing the House’s break as a vacation. I point out that my representative, Mr. Webster, spent his time on this so-called ‘vacation’  hosting open houses at his district offices and meeting with constituents and business owners in the district.

Stewart readily admits most house members did the same which only confirms my argument that it’s not really a vacation like he suggests. And, who was Obama meeting with during his vacation? Oh, that’s right, Tiger Woods and a golf instructor. So, WHO was on vacation?

Stewart gets pretty dismissive of me, attacking me yet again for having an agenda and then saying that he’s “entertained too long.” This is incredibly thin skin, Stewart has!

When I call Stewart out for his arrogance, he decides to split.


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