Meet The Next Pope

stpeterIn keeping with Monday tradition, today started off quite dismally.

First news story I read was that Pope Benedict XVI was to resign by the end of the month. After I recovered from the shock and sadness, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide the Catholic Church through this time and I prayed for the Pope.

I also heard that we Catholics are expected to have a new Pope by Easter! As we ARE Easter people and hope is what allows believers to overcome discouragement, suffering and persecution, it is WITH HOPE that I look to the future.

The season of Lent is almost upon us, a time of intense prayer, self evaluation and almsgiving.  A time to deepen and strengthen our faith. How better to use this time of Lent than to be fervently praying for the Church! Just as Jesus taught his disciples, the cross is necessary for His resurrection.

The anticipation of Easter now brings even more excitement as I think of a new Pope to lead us! We need to start praying for him right now!

I found an interesting article that was posted last year in Business Insider entitled “One Of These Men Will Be The Next Pope”:

There is no list of candidates or outward campaigning. For centuries the pope has been selected by the College of Cardinals, and they usually choose one of their own. We’ve narrowed it down to those we think have the best shot. The word for a possible pope is papabile.

Keep in mind, half of all cardinal-electors (67 out of 125) are Europeans. A full quarter of those voting would be Italians.

All of the elector-Cardinals were appointed by John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Cardinals lose their vote after age 80.

But the papabile include a Canadian, an African, and at least one American. If you click through you will see the face of the next man to lead the largest religious body on earth. We also include the likelihood of their election from a predictions market based in Ireland.


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